Getting started with Imagen Culling

Imagen Culling is in beta and available for free to all Imagen subscribers.

The culling beta is not available for customers on trial.

To get started with Imagen Culling, go to the Projects page and click Create a New Project.

Choose “Cull and Edit Your Photos” from the Project Workflow window.


Select your Lightroom Catalog to cull by choosing a recent catalog from the dropdown, browsing your computer, or dragging & dropping the catalog file into the Imagen app.

Select the folders or collections to Cull, and filter using Lightroom Attributes if needed. For example, if you have already done an initial selection and want Imagen to only cull specific filters, this can be helpful.


Decide between your preferred culling method of Color Labels or Star Ratings. You can even adjust which colors or stars correlate to your favored results.



Then select either Lightroom Catalog or XMP as your desired results method. Choosing XMP will allow you to review the culling rating results outside of Lightroom Classic. 


Once ready, click the Upload Projects button at the bottom right of the Projects page.



You will see the progress of your cull in the Active tab on the Projects page. Read about the Projects page here.


When complete, click the Download & Review button and confirm your project before downloading your newly rated photos.


Downloading your rating metadata takes seconds. Once complete, you will be asked to review your photos and select your final selection for editing.

  • If you selected Lightroom Catalog to review your culls, then click the Review in Lightroom button, and Imagen will open Lightroom Classic for you.
  • Otherwise, click the Open Folder or Open Photo Mechanic button to see your image files alongside their new XMP files.
  • Important note when reviewing images outside of Lightroom:
    After making your final cull and before sending the photos to be edited with your AI Profile, you must sync to the Lightroom catalog the changes you made.

    This can be done easily by following these simple steps:
    1. Select the relevant folder on the Library module
    2. Select all images (Ctrl or Cmnd + A)
    3. Click on the "Metadata" menu tab
    4. From the drop-down menu, Click on "Read metadata from files"


You are now ready to send your culled photos to Imagen with edit and complete your post-production.

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