Review your first editing project

When you review the edits of your first Imagen project, we collected some frequently asked questions and answers.   

What changes did Imagen make to my images?

To see the editing changes, in Lightroom Classic, go to the Develop module and then open the History panel. You see the Imagen profile in the history.

In the History panel, toggle between before and after Imagen to see how the settings change in the right-panel. You can also scroll through the photos and see how the settings of each photo change.

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If you don’t see Imagen edits in the History panel, make sure that your preferences are set to show them. Go to your account, and then click Preferences.

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How does Imagen decide what changes to make?

Imagen analyzes each photo and adjusts the image editing based on your style and the settings of each photo.  

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) mimics human intelligence by performing a task and getting feedback on how well it did. Then, AI uses the feedback to continuously improve. 

Imagen works just the same way. We use AI technology to simulate your manual editing, saving you a lot of time.

How does Imagen adopt my style?

Imagen uses AI profiles to adjust your photos the way you want them. AI profiles are based on your personal style or on readymade styles from our Profile Showcase. 

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You can train and adjust your profile and try different profiles with Imagen’s advanced features. (Adjust, Try different profiles, Train)

What’s in it for me?

Imagen saves you up to 96% of the time normally spent on editing and delivers consistent results.


After downloading the edits, if your photos aren’t edited the way you would like, see our troubleshooting guide.

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